Since a young age I have always had an interest in birds, I think it was from my father who moulded many of my interests I have today particularly Photography, Cycling and Fishing. Moving from the town out to the countryside in April of 2015 really changed my perspective on the world around me. I started to notice birds I hadn’t seen or heard before and the inquisitive side of me wanted to know what they were, where they live and how they interact. This is what kick started my idea for this challenge, combine my passion for photography with my interest in birds by trying to photograph a significant number of birds in a calendar year. I knew this was going to take a large amount of time, patience, research and frankly some good luck along the way!

So that’s how the challenge was born, my aim is to photograph 150 different species of Wild British Birds within one calendar year.

I aim to provide monthly updates via Facebook and the Blog and you can follow my progress on Instagram using the hashtag #150birdchallenge

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